All our convertible wind deflector features:

▪   DOT-approved Polycarbonate

▪   Hard Coated against Abrasion & UV

▪   Exclusive Rounded Edge

▪   Deflectors are precision-cut ensuring a perfect fit and perfect finish

▪   100% coverage of the roll bar for best results and look

▪   See Through Engraving for a better rear view

▪   Easy Installation

▪   Copyright Protected and Patent Pending


▪   Extend your top-down driving season

▪   Start driving top-down early Spring to late Autumn

▪   Increased comfort and driving experience

▪   Customize the look of your vehicle the way you want from available options

▪   Eliminates noise from wind and turbulence

▪   Enables you to enjoy the quality of your stereo

▪   Talk freely with your passenger without having to raise your voice

▪   Reduces ambient wind noise during mobile phone conversations

▪   Reduces the tiresomeness of being constantly harassed by the wind

▪   Keeps the hot/cold air inside the car (cockpit)

▪   Reduces hair movement

▪   Easily cleanable

▪   The seats can be positioned unhindered

▪   Allows the convertible roof to be opened and closed with the deflector in place


BMW Z3                                                                                                                       


BMW Z4  2003-2008 E85


BMW Z4 2009-2015 E89

BMW_Z4_E89 s

Chrysler Crossfire

Chrysler Crossfire

Mercedes SLK 2004-2011 (model 171)

Mercedes SLK

Pontiac Solstice

Pontiac Solstice

Saturn Sky

Saturn Sky

Product Detailed Description

DEFLECTAIR™ is designed for convertibles by a convertible driver-enthusiast aircraft engineer to assure a more enjoyable and extended top-down driving season. These wind deflectors are made in North America using DOT-approved Polycarbonate of 6mm (¼ inch) thickness, in order to ensure durability and stability at high speed. Our deflectors are hard-coated against abrasion & UV:  the surface performance against abrasion is comparable to glass and the polycarbonate is virtually indestructible. Our deflectors are designed and cut using the latest technologies to ensure efficiency, high quality, perfect fit, and easy installation, providing years of service. DEFLECTAIR™ features exclusive rounded edges on each deflector assuring a smooth finish.  Moreover, the rounded edges make the deflector more aesthetically pleasing and durable.  See Through logo is engraved and will never peel off.  Personalize your car without any rear view obstruction.

DEFLECTAIR™ has proven its efficiency in real world testing against wind back draft, noise, turbulence and wind buffeting. This deflector improves your top-down driving experience all year round and extends your season.  You can start driving earlier in the spring, drive later in the fall and keep your convertible nice and cool even on the hottest days.

How it works: the wind deflector decreases the wind velocity coming from the rear, leaving only a very gentle breeze; you will still have the feeling that you are driving top down without the annoyance of wind buffeting and turbulence.  The wind deflector works perfectly in cool and hot weather areas by keeping the hot/cold air from the A/C (air conditioning) inside the car.  Not all deflectors are created equal!  We take care of the small details.

Install DEFLECTAIR™ in few minutes. DEFLECTAIR™ comes with detailed, easy to follow step-by-step instructions.  Removal of your deflector is even faster and it fits in the trunk.  Most of our customers like their deflectors so much that they keep them in place all year round and for more wind, they roll down the side windows – it’s so simple!

DEFLECTAIR™ Wind deflector warranty: your wind deflector comes with a 10 year warranty on the coating and a 1 year warranty against parts & manufacturing defects.

To help you choose your color: CLEAR is almost invisible and fits with any car color.  Our Exclusive and beautiful BLACK fits with almost any car, black, red, blue, silver, charcoal, green.  Don’t be limited and use your imagination!

Also called: Convertible wind deflector, wind deflector for convertible, convertible deflecteur, Windblocker, Windjammer, Windscreen, Windbreaker, Wind Resistor, Wind Restrictor, WindBlock, Wind Screen, Wind Deflector, Wind Deflecter, Wind Resistor, Wind Resister, Wind Baffle, Wind Stop, Wind Block, Wind Jammer
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