Q: Will I be able to move the top up and down with the deflector in place?

A: Yes sure!  Especially in case of sudden rain and for the convenience of day-to-day usage.

Q: Will if fit my car?

A: Our deflectors are designed to fit only the vehicle models and years specified – they are not general fitting for any vehicle model and year.  If your car is stock and is within the year specified, it will fit perfectly following the vehicle curves and shape.

Q: What is the difference between Acrylic and Polycabonate?

A: Both are petroleum-based products, but exhibit different chemical and molecular behavior under different usage conditions.  Acrylic will crack and break whereas glass Polycabonate will endure over 10 times more force than Acrylic before failure. Polycabonate is softer than Acrylic, but with the special hard coating used, our product exhibits 10 times more strength and scratch/UV resistance than Acrylic.  For more information, please see:




Q: What is the difference between Engraving and  Etching?

A: The difference is that etching is a slight chemical alteration of the surface finish that can be easily damaged.  For example, matte paint can rub onto an etched surface and show differences in the finish leaving an imperfect result.  Even fingerprints can be see on etching.  Engraving is performed by machining much deeper into the material surface and provides a more durable lifetime result.

Q: How do I fix a deflector reflection problem?

A: Not all drivers will experience deflector reflections problems, but changing the angle of the deflector in relation to the viewer’s eyes can help reduce the problem. Reflection is due to the angle between the eyes of the observer and the reflective part in relation to light source. The angle is dependent of seat position and the height of the driver’s eyes. Adding a spacer at the bottom or at the top of the deflector fixings to change the inclination angle of the part is an easy solution – you can also move / incline the seat by small amount to help.

Q: What do I do if I stripped the screw hole? (only for SKY/Solstice model, other models do not need holes)

A: The easiest way to overcome a stripped screw hole is to use an over-sized screw.  We sized the screws and provided finishing caps that can handle 1 size up if needed. Always use low hand torque when screwing into plastic and do not over-tighten.  The correct level of torque is about the force needed to open a normal working door-knob.  Alternatively, you can fill the hole with a 2-part Epoxy resin and allow to set before re-drilling.

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